Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Buck up

In all honesty guys I haven't been doing my share of working out since the New Year began. Ugh. I swear, I've probably gained more weight then I'd like. I've managed to start a workout video. The question is, will I keep it,... I was beginning to feel flabbish, sluggish, and all the ish in the world. My husband was shaking my thigh (you know when you grab the bottom part of your thigh and giggle it) - he didn't mean to offend me. But, I did get offended and realize that it wasn't this jiggily until I stopped jogging. Blah.

I hurt my hip ever since. So, now I'm babying it. But, there isn't a safe place to run around my neighborhood. The bypass is right between us and the town I'd run into. So, it's kind of scary. Besides, my husband has school around the times I'd like to run, before dark. Blah. So, i'm sticking to the DVDs for now.

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